Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bye Bye Baby!

So today is a happy day, but also a sad one. My baby sister is moving interstate to start university. I'm really happy for her and I'm sure she'll love her new city, but I'll also miss her terribly!

To farewell our darling girl, we went out for a family dinner together, our parents, my kiddies and our two other sisters. We went to a lovely little Thai restaurant I'd never even heard of in the city. It was all outdoor seating on a large covered balcony, fortunately the night wasn't very hot and was quite windy so we got a good breeze to keep us cool. The seating arrangement was on cushions around a low table, which was actually really comfortable and the atmosphere was very cozy and intimate despite being a fairly busy night.

Everything felt normal, like any other dinner together, until it came time to say goodbye. Its strange saying goodbye to her and not knowing when I'll see her next, knowing she's not going to live nearby anymore and I won't have infinite chances to spend time with her now. And I'll be honest, I've done my share of crying tonight!

It was a lovely night though and I'm so happy we all got to spend it together.

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