Sunday, 16 February 2014

School Struggles

I had a pretty wretched start to my week! I've been so looking forward to classes starting up on Tuesday. I've spent much of the uni break being a bit of a hermit and looking forward to being back with my friends and having a regular schedule and purpose each day. Then I found out on Monday that I can't do the diploma classes due to financial issues. I'd been expecting to be covered by HECS (which is like our Australian version of a government student loan type thing) based on the information I was given at the end of last year, only to find that my course isn't eligible! And because I didn't plan on studying elsewhere, I missed the application deadlines for all of the traditional universities so I was unable to enroll in a Bachelor degree through them. I spent the morning a bit of a mess searching online for options and making phone calls. I found a university that has the course I need and I can apply for mid-year acceptance, which I will be pursuing. In the meantime I've enrolled in Open Universities Australia to do a few units toward a Bachelor so that I'm not sitting idle for months. I already feel like I've lost my routine and discipline and its only been 8 weeks. Imagine me after 6 months! Being enrolled in an entirely external course with classmates I'll never see and lecturers I won't know isn't the same. I really enjoyed actually attending classes and had a great relationship with the people there, but at least I'm still working toward the goal! And I'm trying to see the positive side too, by going straight into a bachelor it will save me a bit of time off the total length of my education, and by studying externally it opens up my options in terms of where I live and work and all of those sorts of things. Hopefully this all turns out for the best, wish me luck!

I have a kitty!!!!

She came to me as a foster kitty through a local rescue group. Honestly I had every intention of caring for her only until a permanent home could be found, but she was just far too sweet and I didn't want to let her go. Her name is Ava and she's so beautiful. She falls asleep with me at night and wakes up with me in the morning and entertains me with her crazy kitty antics throughout the day. Its lovely to have constant purry furry company and I'm so glad she's staying!

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