Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Twirly Dress Tuesday

Because, you know, everybody loves a little alliteration.

This is another from the last Modcloth order I received. I've worn it several times but haven't gotten around to photographing it. As with all my Hell Bunny dresses, its lovely to wear, and I do love a dress with pockets!

I'm so extremely tired today. I think I need an afternoon coffee before the kids get home from school else there may be bloodshed!  I'm trying to avoid napping because that will mean I stay up all night and I really need to try and normalize my sleep schedule. I'm always terrible during holidays, it only takes me a few days before I'm going to bed at 5 or 6am and waking up at midday! Once classes start again my sleep will be sorted out, but I'd rather become diurnal again beforehand so I don't have to sit through classes half asleep.

I spent some time yesterday making a floor plan of my bedroom with separate bits of paper for each of my pieces of furniture. I was trying to work out the best layout to maximize space. With my Mo Bird coming back to me I need to find somewhere to put his cage, and my bedroom is rather small. It took some shuffling but I think I've worked out the best way to put everything. I'm in no desperate rush to move things yet though. His cage should be here in about two and a half weeks, so I'll worry about it a little closer to then. I'm looking forward to it though. Along with his cage will be coming all of my other stuff I left in NSW when I came up here. Sorting it out is going to be a MASSIVE job, but I'll be glad to have a proper bed and more shelves and storage stuff for the house!


  1. What a pretty dress! That's the kind of dress that makes you want to spin round in!

    1. Thank you! I do love it. Hell Bunny have far too many gorgeous dresses, its not even fair lol.
      Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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